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This is the first post and is a welcome to you as a reader.

I wish with this site, to expand the hobby I’ve been enjoying for over 10 years, and to bring it into the digital sphere. I am a collector and restorer of old hifi equipment, this means records players, amplifiers and speakers. At the same time, I am a young buy in this field, starting out when I was 16, and today with my 27 years, I am still one of the youngest – so there is a lot of information, history that I need to uncover still.

My focus for this site will be my own considerations and thoughts about sound, listening and the gear that I am restoring.

The whole thing started when I joined a small hifi forum called Hifi4All.dk – quickly because I didn’t have that much money, I started to buy older equipment, and I joined the vintage subforum and met some people. I was invited to listening sessions in attics and rooms all over jutland, where I was from. So between record players, tube amplifiers and big horn-speaker, the foundation to my hobby was set.

Some years after the vintage subforum split with hifi4all and created a dedicated page, only for vintage gear. I joined of course. When it all started one the guys I had visited, set up a bigger get-together or show through the forum, and people could come and see live systems, trade and enjoy their hobby with likeminded people. This has become a yearly event, but the first one was special as 2 of my now dear friends, who are Marantz collectors of the old school systems, demoed some of their gear.

I remember JBL L100 century speakers, a Luxman PD-444 with a Fidelity Research FR-64 tonearm, sporting an MC-30, and the whole thing being powered by a Marantz model 250.

I was blown away, there was something more than just good sounding equipment, there was a philosophy about sound that was amplified throughout the system – a synergy I hadn’t experienced before, and this way of delivering sound – I needed that.

That was the starting point of my journey – now there was a goal.

Today my system is as the above:

My amplifier right now is a Luxman L85V, mainly because my Marantz needs a bit of care before going back on the shelf – this unit was with two shorted output amplifiers when I bought it. It has been fully restored with new components, matching the original schematic, and it sounds wonderful.

The turntable is my trusty Luxman PD-441, the same drive and machine as the 444, but not as big. It is sporting an SME 3009 Series II and an Ortofon MC-30 Super cartridge, going into an Ortofon T-30 stepup. I’ve seen only a couple of these for sale in the years since I decided I wanted one, and I bought the first I saw, without money in my account I called the guy who had it, and made him promise it was mine, when I could pick it up a couple of days later.

The tonearm is not a perfect fit for this record player, even with the original armboard, the acorn nut screws are in the way of arm lift so the VTA cannot be correctly adjusted.

This means the entire arm rides too high, and you need to compensate at the headshell – not a perfect solution, but for now it’ll do, until I buy a Fidelity Research tonearm.

The speakers are my fourth pair of JBL Century L-100’s – they still sound amazing to me, and this set in particular is interesting for me, because they were bought as an experiment. They were painted, and with big holes drilled into the cabinets all over – the tweeters were missing, and the mids blown out. Even the surround on the woofer had seen a screwdriver or two, so they were broken as well. I wanted to see if it was possible to restore them, without buying new parts (not considering the tweeters), but restore all parts I had. So I learned intarsia work, to fill the holes and veneer over the filling, they were repainted, the mids reconed and the woofers got new surrounds. Today I can’t see they were ever mistreated.

All in all the system performs perfectly, and I am happy – I am looking forward to getting my Marantz back into the system, though as that amp has something the luxman doesn’t.

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