Marantz 140 and 3200

So today i was lucky!

On the forum in the spotting thread there was posted a link to small Marantz set – it seemed rather dusty and dirty, but in good shape from what I could make out from the single picture – but the price was very reasonable!

It was a Marantz 140 power amp, and 3200 preamp set.

I called him up, and picked it up right away outside of Copenhagen.

When talking to the guy I found out he had been working at a company called “Dankel” or similar sounding, which was a company who prepared the imported electronic products for Demco, so they could be sold as consumer electronics.

For Marantz preamps, this means removing the american AC plugs on the backside.

Luckily this set (which has been imported by Sø & Høyem) hasn’t been subject to this procedure. (maybe he took it out of the official line of consumption?)

I have been looking for something that could be split into pre and power for a long time, as my Luxman, which serves as backup cannot. Therefore I was very interested in this little set.

Another good little fact is, that he had removed the bulbs from the meters.

This is good, since the meter housing can discolour if the set has been run with the wrong voltage.

Since Denmark provides 230 VAC out of the wall, and the machine can be set to either 220 or 240, a lot of them was set to 220 – this means a shorter life-span for the bulbs, but also a greater change of discolouration of the meter hoursing.

However, it seems i was in luck!

After taking it home, and letting it warm up to household temperature, i started the machines up on a variac. They worked, only the right meter didn’t light up – luckily it was all due to a solder-joint that was broken (probably caused by the removal of the bulbs, back then) resoldering the cable, and everything lighted up.


I then plugged the machine in, to get an overall impression of the technological state of things – but only sound in the left channel – switching around the cables on the back, between pre and power amp reveals the fault is in the preamp, so no big issue there!


here it is, in all its glory – the controls seems rather well-playing, but some cleaning is a must. Also the knobs are all in the wrong position on the potmetres, so something has happened at some point.

Another winter-project has been added to the little household!


edit: as it is evident from the photo, the peak circuit is faulty – it shouldn’t light up at those volumes.