a Reel to Reel – Revox PR99 MKII

I recently bought a Revox PR99 MKII machine – i’ve missed one of these beauties since i sold my last one back in 2013.

Prices has risen on these, so i feared i would never have a good, solid R2R again – but then a buddy of mine came about 2 for a fair price.

He picket it up – it had been used for radio so the tapeheads were very worn, and even though it powered on the capstan didn’t turn, and the autolocator didn’t light up.

A pretty, but defective machine.

After som careful thinking (with coffee) i decided upon a working strategy:

  1. Get the capstan issue solved – it might be a fuse? After some measurements and help from the good people from Vintagehifi.dk i got it working – (it was a fuse!) – after replacement it was time for some tests… It played “okay” but the bearings seems to make noise, and the top of the frequency range was gone (which is understandable the heads taken into consideration – a 4-5mm mirror). on top of that lights in the VU meters have to be changed.

Here is a small teaser vid:

2. Change all wear-parts, clean and lubricate the machine. With a machine like this and the use it has seen, there are some parts that sees a lot of wear and use, so those needs special attention. Then there is switches, potmeters and just a general cleaning to get it up to spec. As of writing this i’ve changed the lights but i am still awaiting new SKF 608-2Z / ZZ bearings and a 628 bearing for the tapeguides. BEWARE of not buying chinese copies – the first batch i orderes measured 8,2mm in the center gap – even with an ABEC-7 rating.

3. Electrical go through and the exchange of tape-heads. This is still out-standing. I’ve change lamps and the motor-capacitors, but otherwise all boards are still original. It doesn’t make sense to change heads with out-of-spec boards in the machine, as a recalibration, would have to be done then.