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Owning vintage audio equipment

So you want to finally own that piece of gear you dreamed about but couldn’t afford when it was new? You are getting back into Hi-Fi and want to relive that amp you sold off 25 years ago? Or maybe you just like the sound and craftmanship of vintage gear better? whatever the case might be – I fully understand the drive to own and collect vintage audio equipment – there are a ton of reasons why I personally like the 40-year-old hardware. But there are things you need to know and need to consider before jumping out and spending a lot of money. It is not for everybody.

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Building the 4343

My JBL 4343 are clones of the original JBL 4343, built as close as I could for now. It all started several years ago when I first decided I wanted to build a big mid 70’s. Back in 2011 I started to collect drivers for a 4345, because if you can – why not go …