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Accuphase – The Very Early History.

The very beginning This article is about the audio brand Accuphase and the first products they brought to market. Accuphase is interesting for 2, closely related, reasons; one is that they are known for impeccable quality both in build quality and sound reproduction. Second they are one of the very few audio companies that has …

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JBL L-100 Speakers – An overview and guide to to the 70’s icon

This article will be an overview of the three different major versions of the consumer JBL L-100 speaker, also known as the L-100 Century speaker. This is maybe one of the most iconic and well-known speakers in the world. It is rather simple, moderately priced and easy to get your hands on and they sound …

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Building the 4343

My JBL 4343 are clones of the original JBL 4343, built as close as I could for now. It all started several years ago when I first decided I wanted to build a big mid 70’s. Back in 2011 I started to collect drivers for a 4345, because if you can – why not go …