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JBL’s are taking over!

Okay, this is maybe getting a bit out of hand!

While hosting my buddy Louis JBL 212 set, I stumbled across a pair of L56. Having heard they are usually not regarded as good – actually the contrary, I found that I should give them a go.

They were cheap, and not in the best shape, but your own experiences are important.

How do they sound? – well, not convincing. The 10″ driver is too big for a 2-way, in my opinion. There is simply a way to big of a gap between the fast and very bass-heavy ported 10″ and the tweeter, which results in a speaker that sounds big but without any detailing.

But hey, someone might be happy down the line. For now I’ll tip-toe around the apartment, hoping they don’t realise they have me outnumbered.