Events Meetup 2019

Each year the forum at hosts it’s yearly vintagehifi meet up. is the primary danish forum for all things related to vintagehifi. I joined the forum right at the beginning back in 2010, and since then I’ve tried to get to the meet up, usually planned sometime in march.

We shift around the country, to make the gathering available to more members, and it is always a pleasure to attend and meet new and old friends. Listening, seeing, learning and in all respects just geek out over old gear. This year we held the gathering right outside Copenhagen, and I was asked to present my speakers and setup.

Ignoring the lifting and logistics of moving 200+ kgs of gear, it was a pleasure to present and showcase my system.

Photos courtesy of user Captain Phoenix

After my presentation we listening to KEF speakers in two different versions 105.2 and 105.4, and ended the session with a pair of Technics SB-7000.

I was very impressed with the laidback sound of the KEFS, powered by a Hafler DH-500. A very different sound than the JBL’s I brought, but a big sound compared to the size of the speakers. They featured the same kind of studio-sound, but with a more precise and held together sound-stage.

The JBL’s i normally listen to have a lot of everything, the ultra-efficient horn and tweeter gives a lot of details, but the 15″ driver can be difficult to keep in check for the amplifier. Of course, the Accuphase P-300 did this very well, but compared to the ease of the KEF’s i was quite surprised, how much they could deliver.

That was until the Technics speakers came on stage, wow – from some not very impressive-looking speakers (To be honest they were quite an eye-sore – beat-up, with mold on the midranges and a lot of knicks and scuffs… they could play music. That pair (Or the entire Technics SB series) is something I will need to explore at a later stage.

For my taste they blew the KEF’s right out of the water, and all thoughts about trying british speakers, was quickly destroyed by the prospect of some japanese midrange equipment. Exciting!

Now that the meetup is over and before i venture out into the darkness for more gear and new experiences, I would like to say thank you, to all of my friends, for another very good meet up!