Events, Gallery Meetup 2020

So yesterday we held the annual meetup together with the forum. It has never been a bigger event with all places booked weeks before the event. 50 attendees, some seasoned “veterans” others new faces came together at Hald Manor in Jutland to spend their entire saturday listening, talking and experiencing Vintage hifi equipment.

This year me and my friend Louis were tasked with booking and planning the three major presentations for the event. We always have some planned presentations to showcase something unique and exciting, and this year was no different.

The meetup has been a tradition for 12 years now, and while a lot of attendees haven’t been to all 12, we decided to go for something different and try to get presentation with gear a lot of us don’t know or have any experience with.

It was another very fun meetup where we most of us stayed up all night drinking and talking about our common hobby – and the manor house does provide a certain romantic setting for the old gear. A quick breakfast sunday morning before filling up the cars and heading home – now I am just dreading that it is monday tomorrow.

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  1. Henry Dulat says:

    Hi. All very interesting.
    When is the next event (or diary of vents) as I may like to visit and see all.
    I hope to be in Copenhagen sometime in the summer.

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