Events, Gallery meetup 2023

So Yesterday we held the annual meetup, this time once again at the great Hald Manor House, however this would also be the last time to be in these surroundings.

As is tradition, the day will feature three setup presentations with different gear and stories from the owners. In between is a lot of time to talk to old friends, learn and listen to a lot of the different gear that was brought along for trade or purchase. It is, again, astonishing to experience the sensation of being amongst like-minded individuals in such a way. Some is in it for the gear alone, others the musical experience and again different collectors and drivers so not two participants have the same taste or the same gear – but we share insight, experiences and talk.

From my point of view I was grateful to catch 3 hours sleep before the sun had risen and it was time to get home. Full of another great experience, long conversations and with a trunk full of records and a couple of things I couldn’t help but buy. As usual.

Below is a gallery from this years meetup, if you want to participate or learn more it is arranged through our Forum and the yearly meetup is usually announced around january to be held start march each year. This years program was as follows:

  1. Klipsh La Scala with Mcintosh C-28 + MC-2155, Lenco GL88 with Ortofon AS-212.
  2. Rogers LS5/8 (BBC monitor clone) with active crossover and biamped with Quad, AGI model 511 preamp, UREI preamplifier and Sony TTS-3000 with Fidelity Research FR-24 tonearm
  3. DIY Mono front-loaded horns with Telefunken 15″ bass drivers, BOFA dual middle horns and a Goodmans tweeter driver, using a JBL crossover driven by a Push-Pull hand-built mono tube amp and a Thorens TD-124 with Audio Technica mono cartridge.

On top of the program there was also two planned minor workshops; Record cleaning with ultrasonic washers and a Speaker repair workshop, where two members showcased refoaming practices. All in all a perfect way to spend a saturday, and well worth the wait.

See also the pictures from previous meetups:

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